Sally Miller

sally Miller


Sally received a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master’s of Curriculum and Development at the University of West. Florida. In 2017 Sally was awarded Elementary Art Educator for the State of Florida where she teaches at Lipscomb Elementary. For ten years she taught the Art Education classes at UWF. Many awards have been received, including several for Best of Show, at Artel Gallery in Pensacola, Pensacola Museum of Art and other juried exhibits in Pensacola.

Artist Statement

Painting is exploration time that has been a lifelong experiment. I often incorporate symbolism in my paintings, which form their beginnings from travels and experiences. While building many layers focusing on the elements of art, my paintings reveal expressionism channeling my inner self, reflecting on meaningful experiences, and opening up new discoveries. I work with a balance of spontaneity and careful editing, moving back and forth-from intuitive flow to thoughtful analysis. Each painting is a journey that constantly changes and keeps me guessing about the final outcome, leaving the viewers to interpret through their own eyes.

Selected Exhibitions

1996 to present -- Pensacola Museum of Art, Art Educators’ Exhibit
2019 -- First City Art Center Juried Show: 3rd Place
2018 -- Quayside Gallery First City Art Show: Honorable Mention
2017 -- Florida Art Educators PaintingAward
2015 -- Pensacola Interstate Fair: Award of Honor