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Diane Brim


“Painting is a journey. Along this journey the artist has to be willing to change directions. It is in this change that the artist’s creative process grows. It is through perseverance and commitment that one reaches goals and becomes a more creative artist.” -Diane Brim

Diane Brim was born in Pensacola, Florida and has lived there almost all of her life. She has been married for fifty-five years and has two married daughters and two grandsons. She began painting in 1999 in a representational format but fell into abstract painting in 2002 and has joyfully never looked back. She has won numerous awards in juried 

exhibitions and has studied with many local and nationally known artists. She is a member of Pensacola Artists Inc., Artel Gallery and Art study Club.

Diane’s striking abstract paintings can best be summarized as boldly colorful and 

expressively free. She employs a myriad of luminescent hues in her paint selection with the emphasis on spontaneity and dynamics. If the painting does not have the “wow” factor, she will start over, letting the work serve as an under layer for a new one.

Diane Brim intuitively paints nonobjective mixed media paintings using acrylic and

collage on a variety of surfaces. Her goal is to draw the viewer in to experience the 

force behind her passion to paint.

Artist Statement

Free Spirit

Free Spirit is a collection of paintings that is spontaneous, dynamic and boldly expressive. Painting almost exclusively with acrylics, Diane begins by intuitively applying the paint using brush, squeegee, palette knife, brayer or even her bare hands. She has no preconceived notion in mind. After numerous layers, she will carve and scratch into the surface. She might incorporate

collage, texture, home-made stamps, calligraphy, molding paste or gel medium. She will then stop, rotate the painting and look for an image or direction the painting wants to go. This path to self-discovery is a journey that is emotional, spiritual and fearless.


Awards Received

Artel Gallery
2007 Best of Show 
2007 2nd Place
2005 Best of Show
2015 2nd Place

Bay Rivers Art Guild
2004 Roberts Sister Award

First City Art
2011 Fair Workers Award

Gulf Breeze Arts Festival
2007 Award of Distinction
2008 Award of Distinction

Pensacola Interstate Fair  
2005 Award of Distinction
2003 3rd Place
2015 Award of Excellence


Pensacola Museum of Art
2003 1st Place

2008 Award of Distinction
2011 1st place
2014 Best of Show

Louisiana Tech University
2003 Best of Show

Pensacola Art Study
2008 1st Place
2011 2nd Place
2012 1st Place
2013 Best of Show  
2013 2nd Place
2015 Award of Excellence



Quayside Art Gallery

Pensacola Museum of Art

Cinco Banderas

Bay Rivers Art Guild

Destin Festival of the Arts

Gulf Breeze Arts Festival

Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival

First City

Jazz Festival

Bluff Park Show

Taco Mez Restaurant


Elise Coastal Dining

Seafood Festival


Pensacola Beach Boardwalk

First City Art Center 1 Man Show

Florida Water Color

Sleep Disorder Clinic

Saltmarsh Cleveland and Gund

LeBeau Clinic