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All For One

The 2nd Line Band “All For One”, New Orleans, Louisiana

Feeling the passion of a 2nd Line band in New Orleans and the extasy of the crowd enthralled in the moment is indescribable unless you experience it firsthand. However, a taste can be taken as you see the passion and exuberance the musicians are putting into the playing of their chosen instruments.

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Bridge Work

Pensacola Bay Bridge Construction Workers, Pensacola, Florida

It is amazing to see the construction so close as it is happening, especially since most of it is happening on the water with barges, cranes on barges, tug boats, the land-based construction vehicles, and of course the actual workers. .

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Woah Dude

Skateboarder Performing Tricks, Koln, Germany

A child’s toy turned into a finely tuned piece of sports equipment, allowing those gifted enough to do so, to perform hair raising tricks with no regards for their own safety, only truly happy when experiencing the rush of a successful trick.

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Silent Watcher

Osprey overlooking Pensacola Bay, Gulf Breeze, Florida

As one walks along the Florida waterways, you will encounter many animals, but none as majestic and dangerous as the Osprey, well, at least for fish it preys upon.

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Leading Lines

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center, Lisbon, Portugal

Lines, lines, everywhere, but to where do they lead?