Lisa Puzon


Lisa Puzon received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration from Auburn University in Alabama. After graduating she worked for a design firm and freelanced. Specializing in corporate design, she produced logos, brochures and ads often combined with her drawings.

Lisa’s experience in art began as a youth through the encouragement of her grandmother and an uncle who taught her the importance of the Asian culture and its warmth reflected in history and customs. She began working as art director for a K-4th day camp and there developed an interest and love for inspiring children through the arts. She has taken part in many socioeconomic projects using visual arts as a means to uplift and educate the underprivileged and presented workshops that celebrate the creative and scientific contributions of people of color. Later, Ms. Puzon taught art in public high school and was selected for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 2002, a national award based on a recommendation from a successful former student for having made a positive impact in her life.

Ms. Puzon now holds a doctorate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She integrates art and psychology to counsel, educate, and empower children, adults, couples and families of diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds. She recognizes the potential that art unleashes in the human spirit and appreciates the power of human stories and deep emotions most ably expressed through the arts.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I create work to express my innermost being and share with others my ideas and beliefs. As others view my work, they reflect and respond according to their own feelings and experiences. This is communication.

As an art educator, I draw out the latent talents of students that make them creative and unique. This is knowledge.

As a gallery director and art curator, I seek to represent artistic excellence in diversity. This is inspiration.

As an art therapist, I use the art process to assist others in their journey of growth and healing. This is life purpose.

Art is a part of me and in everything that I do. 



Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, National Award.

Grant, Birmingham International Festival of Arts

Grant, The Alabama State Council of the Arts for technical assistance

Certificate of Recognition for Diligence and Work, City of Birmingham  

Grant, Birmingham International Festival of Arts

Visual Arts Certificate of Recognition for exhibition of outstanding 2000 student art


Gallery 88, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

Art Space International, Atlanta, GA.

The 26th Juried Student Annual Exhibition, The University of 2002 Alabama in Birmingham

Birmingham Art Association Gallery, Birmingham, AL.