Armon Dauphin

Armon Dauphin

Artist Statement

Photography is a cultural expression for me. My camera allows me to accentuate New Orleans culture and the beauty of the people who carry out the traditions and keep them alive. I want pictures people can hear and feel when they see them. The emotions I capture in the picture as well as the quality and authenticity of the moment. I love to shoot cultural photos that embody the personality of people and their emotions in their purest form. This is even more important in my work post-Hurricane Katrina. My objective is to use photography to create new and nostalgic expression that represents the soul and history of New Orleans, its culture, and most importantly its people. I never planned this but I use my camera to connect people, share their stories, and display the aesthetic value of New Orleans that was slightly tarnished by a devastating hurricane. Photos are therapeutic for myself as well as the citizens of New Orleans. The camera allows me to unify culture, humanity, and individuality in the form of a picture.

New Orleans

The acrostic above spells Armon but there's more to it than just a name with vivid descriptions.

Armon Dauphin is a loyal New Orleans native and professional photographer who graduated from Eleanor McMain Magnet School. He continues his studies at University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Tulane University where he studied sociology, social work, and public health.

Therefore, understanding people was a key area in Armon's education journey. However, he expanded on his studies by getting involved in photography while in college.

Any great creative has a testimony and motivation that can often be recognized as their art. While Armon was in high school, his brother was murdered. Years later, he overcame being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. Despite these difficult times in his life, he continued his life as a positive and inspiring licensed clinical social worker helping the youth.

Although the youth learned from Armon, sometimes adults can be inspired by adolescents. "I was encouraged y the kids I worked with to turn my hobby into a profession," he said.

Since then, he has advanced his level of photography from casual shots of his student clients and colleagues to a full-fledged mainstay in New Orleans known as Dauphin Tales. His photos are eclectic, unique, and pristine in quality. Armon brands his style by using certain effects in his photos. His photography is definitive and continues his love for mankind which started years ago with helping young people.